Faith, Water, Pack, Plan

When I say life has been crazy, dang I mean it. So now I am taking a moment to update how everything has been going.

I recently started doing this devotional called “And The Bride Wore White” and I highly recommend it for all of you lovely ladies out there. This book really teaches you a lot about your self-worth and teaches you how loved you are. I feel like I have really messed up in the past. I have felt like I cant turn around. I have been told by people it is impossible to “start over”. This book has shown me that it’s not. I have also been reading a bunch in Genesis. I really love this book of the Bible because its all about creation and it too talks about worth. There is a lot of “God made it and He called it good, therefore it is good” I absolutely love it! So much comes with reliance on God.

My just water journey has been an absolute blast! Today is day 76 of my journey and I feel so good about it! The challenge has been difficult but the ride is much worth it. I got sick a few weeks ago and people just kept telling me “drink hot tea” “drink hot tea”. I just kept denying it even though I knew it may help. One of the biggest challenges right now though is that I work in a coffee shop and coffee (my favorite drink) is everywhere! Not to mention it offered to me for free! Every day though I go in and think about the justice movement, camp and all the things that motivate me to keep going. If you would like, you can donate to the just water cause at anything helps! This movement has not only been a help to the countries getting access to safe water but it has also been a huge help to me. Recently I have been all go go go and just water is helping remind me to slow down and thank God every day.

Speaking of go go go, I am leaving to go to Nepal in about 12 days and I am super excited. Trying to pack everything for 2 months into a hiking pack has not been easy. Especially when you are me and wait last minute to order all the thing you need. In packing, I am learning a lot about needs vs wants. When you are going somewhere for a tad over 2 months and are extremely limited on space you learn to only bring what you need. Going into this trip I don’t know exactly what to expect but I do know that no matter what happens I will learn a lot from this experience. I am also going to ask for your support through prayer. I want you all to join me on this journey and to make that work I am going to try my best to keep you updated with prayer request and updates about whats going on. MY BIGGEST REQUEST IS PRAYER FROM YOU!

Planning is something that is so hard for me. I think maybe though it’s because I want to be open to do whatever God asks of me. Currently, I am focusing in on God and listening only to Him and where He wants me to be. It’s living in the unknown and living in the now. It’s sometimes stressful but as I look back I see that God is leading me to be right where He wants me.


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